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About our backgrounds

Colourscape backgrounds are easy to use and can be maintained with minimum effort. They are made from hard wearing, low crease, polycotton and are fully machine washable.

Each photography background has a 3 inch hem across the 8 foot width. This enables them to be used with most commercially available background support systems.

They can be ironed or steamed in order to remove any stubborn creases.

Our backgrounds are best stored rolled, if you want to keep them crease free and ready for instant use.

They can also be stored crumpled in a polythene bag. When stored in this way, and used without ironing, the backgrounds take on an appealing crinkled effect.


Backgrounds in use

When in use, our photographic backgrounds should ideally be positioned at least 60cm (2 feet) behind the subject. This eliminates shadows and also helps to throw the background out of focus, isolating the subject.

For portraits, a lens with a focal length of about 100mm (35mm equiv.) will give the best results.

Try to avoid using harsh on camera flash, as this will create shadows on the studio backdrop.

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